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Members of guests of the Marion County Republican Committee were greeted by Bryan and Sandy Sorensen for tickets and information.  The room was decorated with a theme.  The table runners were folders marked Confidential or Top Secret.  The placemats were made to look like envelopes and they were marked Classied.  At the end of the evening guests were asked to look under their chairs for an envelope.  They were called up front and asked to open them.  Only one contained the prize.  A brief case was brought forward, and the winner received a replica of the car that Pres. Biden had in his garage along with the documents he was not supposed to store in his garage.  The recipient also received a gift card.

Debbie Schnoor did an awesome job selling tickets for the themed baskets.  Ticket sales for the baskets are a project of the Republican Women.  The funds are for candidates and scholarship funds.  The County Committee had t-shirts, buttons, campaign materials, a 50/50 drawing, and a Secret Game. The County Committee also a fundraiser to help with a yearly special project for a family in the community.  
This year is for a family who had a child with life altering illness
making numerous trips to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  The Committee raised funds to provide a Christmas for the entire family.  People could also take a Presidential straw poll.  A photo booth was set up, thanks to Jason Zdora, so that people could choose a background and a statement to put on their photo.  The photo was then emailed to them for their use.  There were props such as FBI hats, glasses, a brief case with “hunter’s computer”, etc.  Fun was had by all.  

Music was provided by Rolin Hutching and the Gospel Train Band.  They did a wonderful job.  Senator Scott Flippo did an awesome job as usual as the MC for the event.  Due to some of the speaker’s events of the day, the dinner line-up of speakers was adjusted.  Chairman Bob Zdora gave a great welcome to the event followed by the invocation given by Marion County Judge Jason Stumph.  Chairman Zdora. Gary Schnoor was busy operating the video equipment for the ads scrolling on the main stage, interchange of guest speakers, and parts of the event.  An inspiring video of the Ragged Old Flag was played which had local scenes with the American flag displayed.  Bruce Powell led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mayor Heath Hogan gave the blessing for the meal.  The food was catered by Matt Wood of Holy Smokes in Mountain Home, cookies were from Gowen Goodies in Flippin.
Karen Carter gave a memorial for Joyce McCalla, Justice of the Peace, District 9, who had recently passed. Justice Barbara Webb, candidate for the nonpartisan position of State Supreme Court Chief Justice Position 1 spoke about her qualifications in seeking that position. Justice Rhonda Wood, who is also seeking that position, could not attend.  Justice Wood submitted a letter read by Karen Carter.
Anna Hopper spoke as a representative of the Arkansas Teenage Republicans and about the need for more young people to get involved, be committed to shaping the future of conservatism. 

Jamie Land, immediate past president of the Arkansas Young Republicans spoke about the need for more young people to get involved and educate others on conservative values. The need to step up and get involved in a campaign and be a part of positive change.  
Doyle Webb, Past President of the Republican Party of Arkansas introduced the newly elected Chairman Joseph Wood.  Chairman Wood talked about the need for Republicans to unite to elect Republican Candidates to defeat the Democrat party.  To support legislation that we as Republicans support in our platform.

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