Marion County Arkansas Republicans

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All the debates will be 90 minutes in length, and will run from 8 p.m.-9:30 p.m. cst without commercial breaks.

First Presidential debate: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 in Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.  The debate will be carried on channels including CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, C-SPAN, NBC and MSNBC.  Chris Wallace, the anchor of “Fox News Sunday,” will moderate the debate.  The moderator has full discretion in picking the debate topics. For the first round, Mr. Wallace chose Mr. Trump’s and Mr. Biden’s records, the Supreme Court, the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, race and violence in cities and the integrity of the election. There will be 15 minutes to discuss each topic.


Vice Presidential debate: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 in Kingsbury Hall at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.  The vice-presidential debate will be moderated by Susan Page, USA Today’s Washington bureau chief.  Topics are announced by the moderator and the Commission on Presidential Debates a week before the debate. There will be nine topics, and each will get about 10 minutes.


Second Presidential debate postponed:  Statement by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD): October 15 Presidential Debate Will Not Proceed.

   Washington, D.C.  – On October 8, CPD announced that for the health and safety of all involved, the second presidential debate, scheduled for October 15 in Miami, would be conducted virtually.  Subsequently, the campaigns of the two candidates who qualified for participation in the debate made a series of statements concerning their respective positions regarding their willingness to participate in a virtual debate on October 15, and each now has announced alternate plans for that date.

It is now apparent there will be no debate on October 15, and the CPD will turn its attention to preparations for the final presidential debate scheduled for October 22.

Subject to health security considerations, and in accordance with all required testing, masking, social distancing and other protocols, the debate will take place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

As announced on June 23, the debate will be divided into six 15-minute segments.  The topics for the six segments will be selected and announced by the moderator at least one week before the debate.  Kristen Welker of NBC News will serve as moderator for the debate.

Both candidates have agreed to participate in the October 22 debate.


Second  Presidential Debate Rescheduled:   Thursday, October 22, 2020 in Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.  Kristen Welker, NBC News White House correspondent and co-anchor of “Weekend Today.” The moderator and the Commission on Presidential Debates have announced topics for the debate, but as in the first debate, there will be six topics. Each will get 15 minutes.    Subject to possible changes because of news developments, the topics are as follows, not necessarily to be brought up in this order:  Fighting COVID-19, American Families, Race in America, Climate Change, National Security, and Leadership.

Proposed and Referred Ballot Measures for the 2020 General Election

By clicking on Issue No.'s you can dowload a printable pdf copy.

Issue No. 1 - An Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution Continuing a One-Half Percent (0.5%) Sales and Use Tax for State Highways and Bridges; County Roads, Bridges and Other Surface Transportation After the Retirement of the Bonds Authorized in Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 91

Issue No. 2 - A Constitutional Amendment to Amend the Term Limits Applicable to Members of the General Assembly, to be Known as the "Arkansas Term Limits Amendment"

Issue No. 3 - A Constitutional Amendment To Amend The Process For The Submission, Challenge, And Approval Of Proposed Initiated Acts, Constitutional Amendments, And Referenda