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The Douglas Tyler Burton Memorial Scholarship

The Douglas Tyler Burton Memorial Scholarship is available through the Arkanas Federation of Republican Women to provide financial assistance and support to young women and men seeking undergraduate degrees or vocational/technical certifications. Awards are made on the basis of academic promise, good character, and financial need. An effort is made to grant scholarships to students who are not eligible for the large nationally known scholarships for which only a small fraction of high school graduates can qualify.

Scholarship applications must be completed and returned to the Club Presidents no later than November 30, 2020 (no exceptions).  Only one applicant from each Club may be presented to AFRW for consideration. For Marion County, applications can be sent to:  Tonya Eppes, President, Republican Women of Marion County, P. O. Box 937, Yellville, AR 72687. 

Scholarship winners will be notified February 26, 2021.

Applicants must have academic promise, be of good character and have financial need.

The number of scholarships and amounts to be given is made every two years and determined solely by the funds available and discretion of the Executive Committee. currently 1-$500 Vocational or Techinical Scholarship and 1-$1,000 (two or four year) Undergraduate Scholarships are to be awarded.

Additional information and downloadable application is available at:


Cassie Jankowski will be attending Arkansas State University, Mountain Home, AR Campus.

Marcus Morris will be attending North Arkansas College in Harrison, AR.

We will be providing additional information and photos of our winners.  Covid-19 has been disruptive in our process.

Application Information for One (1) of Two (2) $750 Republican Women

Memorial Scholarships

Sponsored by the Republican Women of Marion County


The Republican Women of Marion County, hereafter referred to as RWMC, are now accepting letters of applications for these scholarships open to all Marion County graduating high school seniors, including those who are home-schooled with a minimum 2.5 GPA.  Trade school applicants will be given first consideration.  The applicant must be an American citizen.

Letters of application must be post marked no later than June 30, 2020.  Application after this date will not be accepted for the award.  No exceptions will apply.  Notification of the award will be made on or about July 10, 2020.

Each applicant must also submit an essay, not to exceed 500 words, on “How Can I Make America Great Again?”  The essay must be typed. Spelling, punctuation, and neatness will be considered.  Word count must be noted in the upper right hand corner of the page.  The following statement must be included at the bottom of the essay, signed and dated by the applicant:  “I certify this composition is my own work.”


            Applicants name, age, and complete address and phone number

            Parents/Guardians names and their occupations

            Number of siblings residing in the home

            Career path applicant withes to pursue

            Schools being considered for attendance



            Copy of student transcript that include grade point average

            One (1) letter of recommendation from a teacher or school official

            Any awards the student has received and participation in extracurricular activities

            500 word essay on “How Can I Make America Great Again?” with personal certification



            Involvement in any community projects

            Volunteering/helping others


The students chosen to receive these scholarship will be asked to supply RWMC with the name and address of the trade school and college where the award is to be sent.  Once the student has registered for classes he/she will need to contact RWMC at the address below, sending proof that registration has taken place.  At that time, a check for $750 will be sent to the school.  This award can be used toward tuition, books or supplies.  If not used for these purposes, the money will be returned to RWMC.  No refunds will be given to the student. 

This award must be used within one year.

To apply, please forward a letter of application and packet of supporting information by the deadline stated above to:

Republican Women of Marion County

Attn: Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 937

Yellville, AR  72687

870-321-9689 (if no answer, please leave a message)



History:   In 2015, The Patty Mayo Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in memory of PATTY MAYO, who has served in the Republican Party in several capacities.  Patty had served as a President of the Republican Women of Marion County and Third District Director.  She was extremely active in Republican politics and held several positions at the County, District and State levels. You definitely knew where Patty stood on most any given topic.  Family had always been very important to Patty and she loved her family dearly.  She also had a great sense of humor about politics as her husband Raymond ran for Justice of the Peace and in the Turkey Trot parade he carried a sign that read, “Patty’s Husband”.   She helped in many, many campaigns.  Patty’s death, in September, 2014, came as quite a shock and her absence was clearly felt.


 In October, 2015, KAREN WAGGONER, passed away.  Karen served as an RWMC Officer, chaired several committees including the Legislative Committee.   Karen received her Master’s Degree in Education at the University of CT. In 2003, her book, "On My Honor, a Navy Wife's Vietnam Story" was published.  She valued education and was very involved in getting the scholarship off the ground.


In September, 2018, SHERRIE PARKIN, who was the Chair Person of the scholarship fund passed away.  Sherrie has also been a long time member and very active in the Republican Women of Marion County.  She and Karen Waggoner were very good about keeping RWMC informed of legislative issues.  Sherrie also believed education was key to a good future.  She authored a book titled “Footprints and Sage”.  Upon moving to Flippin, AR, she became active and joined a writer’s guild, she also authored a weekly column in The Mountain Echo called “Over 65 and Under Foot”.


In 2018, after much consideration, the Republican Women changed the name of the scholarship to show tribute and memorialize all the wonderfully talented women who have served and given their time, talent and treasure to promote the values of Republican Women of Marion County.  Each one believed education was important and education could make a difference if opportunity was given.  RWMC feels this is a good way to get involved with the youth and provide a positive, conservative influence in the community.


Applicants will hopefully become involved in a local Republican Women of Marion County club, participate in activities, and become involved in Teenage Republicans, College Republicans, Marion County Republican Committee or other conservative organizations that promote the platform of the Republican Party.


The Republican Women of Marion County Scholarship can be used toward tuition, books or supplies. RWMC will supply the college, University, or Trade School with the funds on behalf of the recipient. This award must be used within one year.


Eligibility: This scholarship is to be given to a Marion County high school senior or home school student who will be entering college in the fall.  Each applicant must complete a letter of application, meet the requirements, and submit an essay on a chosen topic each year. The applicant must be an American citizen.


How many scholarships are given? Decision as to the number and the amount of the scholarship is made every year and is determined solely by the funds available and the discretion of the scholarship committee.


How is the scholarship financed? The scholarship is perpetuated by RWMC.  Members are urged to contribute to the scholarship fund on a regular basis. Fundraisers are held throughout the year. Contributions are accepted at any time. Checks should be made payable to the RWMC Scholarship Fund and mailed to RWMC, P. O. Box 937, Yellville, AR 72687.   (For printable form scroll to bottom of this page.)

Patty Mayo

May 10, 1958 – September 28, 2014

Karen Waggoner

March 17, 1938 - October 27, 2015


Sherrie Parkin

March 08, 1941 - September 08, 2018